The Green – Proposed use as a Children’s Home

The Parish Council received notification in August 2019 that an applicant known as Rite Directions Ltd had requested that the peak park issue a Certificate of Lawfulness to use The Green, Main Road , Flagg as a residential home for children.

The Parish Council and some residents had a meeting with a representative of Rite Directions Ltd at the Green in late August 2019. As a result the Parish Council made representations to the Peak Park Planning Authority based on some legal technicalities regarding the legal planning classification of use of the property.


The Peak Park then issued the following documents;




The Parish Council understands that the company Rite Directions has made some long term commitments to use the property but now does not have a proper legal basis on which to operate a Children’s Home. It will be necessary for them to submit proper plans under the usual planning application procedures before they can proceed with the proposed use as a Children’s Home.